Having an organized control of its customers is one of the most difficult tasks for providers, but one of the most vital for the company to function fully, as it is in good customer management where it is possible to have an accurate monitoring of the profile, data and status of the customer.


Have control of Contract and contractual items, more objectively managing the services provided and automating the recurring billing process.


Count on applications and reports that will organize the company's infrastructure.


  • Customer base
  • Customer Categories
  • Customer phones
  • Customer addresses
  • Annotation by Client
  • Registration of Contracts
  • Contractual profile control
  • Office Registration
  • Employee Registration
  • Holiday Control


Customer Relationship


Much of CRM is about customer relationships. In the ISP market, the main differential is to provide excellent customer service, created with a personalized user experience. For that count on incredible resources that will bring you closer to the customer.


Customer Portal - Enables ISPs to not only provide simplified downstream services, but also reduce labor costs and solve operational problems internal, opening support, issuing a duplicate and much more.


Site Builder - Hotsite with easy and amazing builder, personalized pages management, news, plans module, map, contact form and registration interested.


Email and SMS Campaign - Communicate with the customer objectively, automating the sending of information, events and collections.