Controllr is a provider management operating system with customer control, contracts, finance, technical support and more. Having all the mobility and practicality in a web environment, making providers manageable from anywhere and automating everyday tasks.

Some features

CRM - Customer Management, Contracts, Addresses, Stakeholders, Profiles, Offices, Staff and Communication.

Financial - Management of invoices, bills, booklet, checks, return, remittance, cash flow, accounts, observation, reports and integration with Gateways.

Support Control - Technical support, ticket and service order (SO) with transmission report, has extensive control for services provided to your customers.

CAC - Customer Access Center - Mobile Application and Access Panel with reissue of invoice, navigation statement, request for technical support and change of personal data.

Financeiro - Easy and fast implementation, with RADIUS support, operating with the main NASes in the market. Mikrotik, Huawei, Cisco, Ubiquiti, Accel-PPP.

Monitoring - Real-time analysis of NAS devices, with list of PPP, DHCP, Interfaces, Registration and CPU, Memory and Disk usage information.

Online Session - List of Online Users in real time, history of individual band consumption, CoA (change in speed) and possibility of disconnecting users.

Company Site - Hot site with easy builder, with personalized pages, news, plans module, map, contact form and registration of interested.

Turbo Plan - Control of the turbo plan in a flexible and automatic way, with management of times and days of the week.

Turbo Plan - Management of Equipment, Categories, Models, Manufacturers, Suppliers and Products, with reports and rental in contract.

Our Platform

Administrative Panel Web-based Desktop and simplified. Fully manageable from a modern browser and in accordance with web standards

Operating System quickly and safely, based on FreeBSD 64-bits. Can be installed in any existing machine, just having the ability to become a server.

Easy installation in 5 min, from a simple CD- ROM with only ~ 70MB .

Reports and graphs monitoring and performance in real time.

A large community of users, developers and integrators. With support classroom and virtual support.

The best value in the market: performance and stability in a 100% Brazilian solution.